23 September 2013


Would you trust me to drive this yacht.  I wouldn’t, but as it turned out, I didn’t bump into anything.  I might have mentioned before that I’m no sailor but invariably, I find myself on sea going craft.  I must hang out with the wrong crowd.  Anyway, this time it was a yacht, 'The Pride of Auckland', by name.

Smile for the camera, Jill, so that no one will suspect you have spent the past 12 hours dreading this moment, my head full of all the (in my case) imaginable things that could go wrong while we're out on the high seas.  The main one being that I'd end up in the water, of course. But, I'm delighted to say that none of my many imaginings happened.  Instead, I met some wonderful folks from New York, Spain, Oregan and Japan as well as a marvellous New Zealand crew (a true United Nations) and even got to drive the boat! - Opps!  That should be, sail the yacht.

Nevertheless, the next time I have to go on the high seas I’ll go through the same process, I know.

It’s the same with writing.  No matter how many books you have written - whether it’s your first book or your third, there is always that element of doubt.  If its your first book - will it be well received once it's out there.  If it’s your second or third, or fifth, will it be compared favourably with your previous masterpieces?

So, what do you do when you find yourself in a dilemma - whether it's having to go on a yachting journey that you dread, or your dread that your book will be a flop?

It probably won't be as bad as you think it will be.  You can always change your name and go and live in a Hobbit House.

This is more my style.  A morning at Hobbit ville.

What are your coping mechanisms? 


  1. Great blog Jill!...I love the photo's of your "dreaded" boat trip and comparison to how one feels about a book they have written. I suppose it is inherent with most of us, to get anxious about doing things we are not positive will work out.

    This post reminds me, and I find it funny now, I have been deathly scared of deep water most of my life yet I loved to go for boat rides. I suppose there is something to be said for having faith in something, even if it is a boat or a book you struggled to write. :)

    1. Thanks Anna for your comment. I think we just have to just go with the flow, as they say, however, I find that difficult when it concerns the ocean!