7 July 2011


Many people still prefer to hold a book in their hands so I think it’s important to make a paperback edition available.  There are a number of print on demand companies.  The ones I have looked at are LuLu, Lightening Source and Createspace.  I’ve decided to go with Createspace who is owned by Amazon.

I’ve only just started this process, but so far my steps are:

I have created an account with Createspace.

I have bought an ISBN number and a barcode.  (You have to have a different ISBN for your paperback edition).

The person who created my eBook cover is working on a full cover for me.

I found it difficult to format my manuscript for a paperback edition so I went in search of someone who could produce what I needed.  A pdf file that can be uploaded to Createspace.  This has cost $164AUD up front and the process took approximately two weeks.

I am now awaiting the final proof of the full cover.

When I upload the pdf book file and cover to Createspace, they will send me a proof copy by mail so that I can check through it.  When I have approved it, it will go onto Amazon in the USA, UK and Germany as the paperback edition.  Createspace will print copies as they are bought by customers.

I can set my own price and change it if I wish.

More on self publishing a paperback edition when I get through this process.

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