26 April 2012


Emily Jane is painting. 

Born in England in 1913, Emily crossed the Atlantic after World War I to spend her early years in Rhode Island.

Emily - 1934
 She later returned to England where she spent her youth dancing to the big band sound of Glen Miller in the ballrooms of  Blackpool and bicycle riding through the Yorkshire Dales.  The end of World War II saw Emily on yet another ocean voyage, this time across the Indian Ocean bound for Australia.
As so often happens Emily didn't embark on her painting career until  in her 50s.  She says she's now making up for lost time.  Painting for many years in oils she has now switched to acrylics.  'Easier to clean up after,' she says.  Emily, the ever practical lady!

So, what is Emily’s message to us all?

It’s never too late to start what you have always dreamt of doing be it painting, writing, learning to play an instrument or studying your favourite subject, etc.

What have you always dreamt of doing?

23 April 2012

Foxy Confessions: Art, Photographs, and Redemption

Foxy Confessions: Art, Photographs, and Redemption: I've known since before my memoir was published that the biggest problem I would have with marketing it would be...I felt  my evolving life...

20 April 2012

12 April 2012


 After reading through your manuscript to make sure there are no glaring grammatical errors, your plot and sub-plots are plausible, facts are correct, and your characters have maintained their appearances.  In other words, your protagonist’s hair didn’t change colour between pages 10 and 43, you decide to read through it just one more time.  This is when you might fall into the trap of tinkering with sentences that don’t sound quite right and/or paragraphs that could use some improvement.

I put my hand up.  I have been guilty of such behaviour.  So now when I see a bout of it coming on I know it’s time to send it off to be read by a fresh pair of eyes.  These eyes belong to my professional assessor.  And invariably, she sees things that I didn’t notice because I have become too close to this story.  Of course, sending to an assessor can be confronting and brings us to the question.

Are you ready to be criticised?

3 April 2012


Are you thinking of joining KDP Select?  If so remember its exclusivity clause, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to have your book removed from other sites before you sign up.

It’s quick and easy to unpublish from Smashwords but there are also those that Smashwords distributes to.  Unfortunately, it can take weeks for this information to filter through to these distributors.  You may even have to contact them yourself to have your book removed from sale.