24 April 2017

WRITING TIP #1 – Focus

I’ve found that when writing a novel, it helps if I plan what I’m going to focus on the following day. It might be to work on a particular scene or chapter. Alternatively, it could be a piece of troubling dialogue or adding a red herring or twist to the story. Whatever I choose I know that when I sit down at my keyboard the next morning, I have a specific purpose in mind.

What happens if I don’t do this? I find my mind is bombarded by choice and I start to procrastinate. This leads to avoiding the issue and finding other things to occupy myself such as sending an email, spending time on social media, going for a walk etc., and before I know where I am, the day is over. So, plan ahead and shove procrastination out the door!

What do you do to focus?

2 April 2017

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