28 June 2012


Probably for the same reason I do.

Fergus and me
I need someone who will listen to my latest chapter without making the comment that it stinks.

When I receive a rejection letter, Fergus sits on it!

He also listens to my incessant mumblings about ‘THE PLOT’ without complaint.

He doesn’t mind being ignored while writing is in progress.

He takes being shut, albeit accidently, in the linen closet, in his stride.

Why is Fergus such a wonderful pussycat being?  Because he thinks this absentminded, mad woman who spends her days talking to herself while tapping on a flat, black piece of plastic is the best thing after a tin of the finest tuna.

Probably for the same reason I do.

Hi, I'm Fergus
There’s company 24/7.  A plus in winter because the heater will be on all day.  There’s also someone on tap when I feel like a game of hide and seek, not to mention my morning walk to check out the cows in the paddock and ducks in the dam.

Breakfast is served at 6am sharp 7 days a week.  Tuna in springwater.  I lovvve tuna in springwater.  Purr Purr.

This is my laptop
There's an abundance of places to sit as well as sleep.  Printer, laptop, laptop bag, atop reams of A4 paper, IN tray, bookcases, window sill, desk, swivel chair.

Of course, this all comes at a price.  You have to appear to be listening and interested while being read to.  I know it’s difficult but falling asleep at this point in time is not recommended.  And never get up and jump off the desk right after the chapter is finished.  Your writer might think you didn’t like her work.  Better to hang around for a minute or two and purrrr. 
And then, of course, there's those rejection letters that arrive in the post from time to time.  Never a good moment, but I've found that scratching them ferociously before sitting on them seems to make my writer feel better because she always gives me a treat.

I think most writers are a bit odd and mines no exception, mumbling away to herself, while completely ignoring me.  At first it upset me.  I wasn't used to being ignored, but I've since come to realize that without this type of behaviour I'd never have a moments piece.  Let alone get through the day.  After all, living with a writer is tiring work.
And then there's my IN try
And on the same note.  In my experience writers tend to be absentminded creatures so if you happen to get shut in a cupboard or closet it’s a bonus.  You won’t be bothered for at least an hour.

And, of course, the all important printer to catch the morning sun

My office chair.  I chose red because it goes well with the grey, lilac tones of my coat
It takes a long time to train one’s writer in cat ownership.  And I’m happy to say that my writer is making progress, albeit slowly.  In the meantime it’s not so bad because, let’s face it, I’M BOSS!

My favourite vantage point, atop the bookcase, where I survey my realm
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lenni. But after reading what Fergus wrote I'm beginning to wonder whose running this show!

  2. Hi, this is Tiger. My writer/Master (well, he thinks he's the master - don't tell him) plucked me from a garbage can a little over a year ago, so I pretty much endure his behaviors. But one time he left me for 2 weeks with plenty of food and water to last a month. I cried like a puppy.

    But get this, the other day he adopted some kitten and called it Oreo. When he isn't looking, I put the beat down on the intruder. lol He's such an airhead at times, too. The other day he locked me on the back porch and the wall is like 90 feet high so I was trapped like a mouse, only my feet are cool.

    But hey, at least we eat well, right?

  3. Tiger, glad to hear I have an allie out there. I commiserate with your Oreo problem. I've had similar dealings with a neighbours cat that my Write thinks is cute! But as you say dinner's always on the table. Your feline friend, Fergus. PS send me your photo and I will create a feline gallery.

  4. A super hilarious writer cat story! I love it and the photos! I'm thinking maybe I ought to trade in these dense boxers for a smart cat and maybe I could get some writing done. Fergus is just too cute!

    I have preferred "big" dogs all my life and wonder what really determines the difference between cat and dog people. It may be obvious and I just don't want to admit it. Dog people are just naturally more agressive than laid back cat folks. Ya think? Are perhaps we are just more insecure and feel we need the pretense of protection around us. What do you think? :)

  5. Hi Fergus, We are your cousins, Macca and Nemo. We know you writer from her visits here in Adelaide. At the moment we tolerate each other as we both wish to sleep on or near the gas heater. The good thing about this home is we get fed 24/7, on demand (from 5am onwards), the heater, comfy beds with dooners, and we vie for time on the writers knee!!! However, we have to sleep on the back verandah when she goes away and go next door for our meals.
    We enjoyed seeing all your sleeping places Fergus especially the in box. Happy napping your sleepy cousins Macca and Nemo xxx
    ps we don't like the dogs next door or the resident possum!

  6. I just love this! Sometimes I feel bad having to move Aiden from OUR office chair when I need it, but I shouldn't, I guess, since he promptly makes his way to his other spot after I'm settled at the laptop - on my desk.

    1. I'm glad someone else shares their chair, Tonya. Sometimes I wonder who's chair it is! And I suspect it's not mine.
      Fergus sends greetings to Aiden.

  7. This is adorable. I would not mind having a boss like Fergus!

    1. He is a treasure, Judith, but very bossy! Thank you for commenting.

  8. I can totally relate to your post. My two cats often have to share *their* chair with me. But I don't mind. Their sweet faces always soothe the savage writer beast within.

    1. I think we are their slaves, Rahma. It's very difficult to say 'no' to Fergus.

  9. Too cute, Jill! Your kitty is adorable. Mine is not supposed to be on my desktop (it's always covered with stuff!) but the minute I clear it, he sees that as an opportunity and parks. Animals are great company!

  10. He's here right now, Marla, curled up next to my printer. I have to close my laptop if I'm not at my desk because he like to sit on the keys!