10 June 2012


Writing a novel is a commitment of one, perhaps two years of your time and energy so no wonder that, from time to time, you feel you're unable to write.  We can make a lot of excuses for writer’s block so I believe it’s important to give some thought as to what is actually causing it.  Is it because you’re facing a particularly difficult scene and you’re not sure how to proceed?  Or perhaps the next scene isn’t too exciting and you just can’t get your teeth into it.  Whatever the reason you come up with there are a number of things you can do about it.

Ignore it:  If you have a daily writing schedule you can ignore the block and carry on.  It doesn't have to be writing.  You could do some editing or research instead, or go over your character lists.

Concentrate on one of your other projects.  Or start one:  If you have some other projects that you are working on why not put your efforts into one of those instead. 

Skip the problem that you have identified as causing your writer’s block:  If you have identified that it is a particular scene that is the problem then work on another part of your book.  Or alternatively, do some editing instead.

Try writing in a different location:  I like coffee shops or the back garden (in summer time!)

If all else fails, do what I do and go for a walk.  The change of scene might inspire you.

My walk takes me up this hill.  It doesn't look steep from here but it's quite a hike! 

 At the top I sit down and look at this scenery



I have a few discussions with birds on the way

A Crimson Rosella
 and an
Eastern Rosella
Found in the eastern part of the country.

 Galah's having their breakfast.  They're found in most parts of Australia.  Quite bold and not to be disturbed by the likes of me.


Mr Magpie wanting me to leave his patch of ground.
And a pigeon.  Wild or an escapee.  I couldn't find him in my bird book so he remains a mystery!

And, of course, a kangaroo.  He’s the hopping dot in the middle of the picture!

What did you say?  Writer's block?  What's that?

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  1. Great advice for writers Jill! The nature photos are fantastic. Living in Texas it's hard for me to imagine seeing this beautiful array of exotic birds and hopping kangaroos while out for an "unblocking" session. Wonderful food for thought!