14 August 2012


by Posie Graeme-Evans

This is the third Posie Graeme-Evans book I have read.  The previous two, The Innocent and The Exiled were both set in the 15th century.  The Island House, however, is different.  It’s set in both present day and 800AD on the ancient Scottish island of Findnar.

It’s the story of Freya Dane, a PhD student in archaeology, and Signy, a Pictish girl.  Their stories are beautifully woven together by the author to create a fascinating read.  Freya searching for what her father did not find in his archaeological work before his death, and Signy trying to survive in a ruthless world of Viking raids, and an unforgiving Christian community of monks.

Freya and Signy’s lives touch over the eons of time as they both find love and deal with loss.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it has a little bit of everything I like.  History, mystery and love combined with an eeriness that kept me turning the page.


  1. A great review that makes me want to read the book. It sounds like what I like to read too Jill...mysterious romances.

  2. Thanks for very kind review, Jill. Thrilled! Posie GE

  3. You're most welcome, Posie. I love reading your books. Jill