3 August 2014


by Leah Fleming

Leah Flemming has written several novels among them The Captain’s Daughter and The Girl Under the Olive Tree.  The Postcard is her latest work.

Set in present day, South Australia and London, UK, the reader is quickly transported back in time to 1923 and post WWI Britain.  There we meet Caroline (Callie) Seton-Ross and her Aunt Phee at Dalradnor, their home in the wild moors of Scotland.

Dalradnor is where Callie starts her fascinating and sometimes frightening journey through a life of not only privilege, but impoverishment and suffering.  Through it all, however, one thing keeps Callie going, the thought of her son, Desmond.

There are several wonderful sub-plots to this fascinating story all woven into the main plot with the skill of an accomplished writer.  The reader can look forward to a fascinating and enjoyable read travelling page by page through both countries and time, not to mention the mystery behind “the postcard”!

The Captain's Daughter Book Review


  1. Love the cover and "family secrets" are always a catch subject. This does sound like an enjoyable read.

    1. It is a very enjoyable book, Anna, and exciting too in parts. You also never know quite how its going to turn out either which is another plus.