9 October 2014

Tips On Writing A Series Rather Than A Stand-Alone Novel

One of the things you might consider before you embark on writing a book is whether it will be the first in a series or a stand-alone novel.  Of course, this can always be decided upon after you have finished writing your book.  After all, you might have become particularly attached to one of your characters and want to continue your association with him or her.

Benefits of writing a series:-
  • You have a certain number of characters that are already formed and appear in each book.
  • You are able to develop these characters further as you write the series.
  • You become attached to these characters and the best part is, you decide their destiny.
  • You are familiar with your story line.
  • If a reader likes one book in the series, it is likely he/she will want to read others.
Things that you must make sure of when writing a series:-
  • Your repeat characters are consistent throughout the series.  As should your writing style.
  • Your plot must be fresh in each consecutive book.
  • All the facts about your repeat characters lives and what has happened to them in previous books must be kept in mind.
One thing to keep in mind before you make your decision:-
  • A series can take years to write, so it’s essential that you like your repeat characters.
Benefits for your readers:-
  • If your reader enjoyed the first book in the series, there are others that follow on.
  • The reader gets to know the main characters and looks forward to reading what happens next in their lives.
  • The reader knows that the protagonist will succeed.
  • Have you ever got to the end of a book and wished there was more.  As you neared the end your reading slowed because you didn’t want the story to end.  Well, with a series, the reader can look forward to more books.
Do you have any tips to add?

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