1 June 2015


If you have read any of the Fitzjohn mysteries, you will know how much this detective, of the old guard, loves tending the orchids in his greenhouse. Not only do they help to give him a sense of peace after the death of his dear wife, Edith, they also help to dispel the images that he has witnessed through his day solving crime.

Since starting the Fitzjohn series, I have become increasingly interested in orchids and recently, was privileged to visit the National Orchid Gardens and Mist House at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore. I took advantage of the situation and kept my camera rolling. Here you will find some of the orchids I captured with my camera.

Did you know that orchids are the largest in the flowering plant families with more than 25,000 documented species.

Orchid seeds are the smallest seeds in the world, comparable to a particle of dust.

The flat leafed vanilla plant is a species of orchid.

Orchids have a symmetry similar to the human face.

Although orchids are thought to be tropical plants, they grow on every continent in the world except  the Antartic.

The tall orchids to the left here are grafted onto bamboo so have a tall effect.
No wonder Fitzjohn loves his orchids!


  1. Orchids have always fascinated me too Jill and these are some lovely photos you took. There are sure a lot of species. I saw a lot of beautiful orchid leis in Hawaii and it intrigued me as to how they are made and the orchids still look so fresh. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I wonder if the reason they look fresh for so long is because they have wax like petals, Anna.

  2. We made our second visit to the National orchid garden in Singapore's Botanical gardens this february. They are stunning.

    1. I was also there in February, Somerville. You never know, we might have been there at the same time! I agree, they are stunning and I hope to return soon.