12 October 2015


RELEASE DATE 4th December 2015

It was an accepted fact that Beatrice Maybrick, owner and operator of the Maybrick Literary Agency, accidentally fell to her death. Or did she? Esme Timmons thought not, her suspicions fuelled by a letter she received from Beatrice following the tragic incident. Faced with this dilemma, Esme takes steps to find the killer.
Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn commences his investigation into the suspicious death of entrepreneur, Preston Alexander. With robbery ruled out as the motive, Fitzjohn is drawn to Preston’s investment portfolio and the Maybrick Literary Agency.

Finding an antiquated establishment where uncertainty prevails following the demise of its owner, Beatrice Maybrick, Fitzjohn asks himself two questions. Why did the high flying investor, Preston Alexander, invest in such a business, and did it lead to his death?
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  1. Congratulations Jill on your latest in the Fitzjohn mystery series. I am looking forward to reading it and am certain it will be just as entertaining as the other four were.

    1. Thank you, Anna. I hope that you do enjoy it. Thank you also for your continued support. I appreciate it very much. Best Wishes, Jill