12 December 2015

Self Publishing and Marketing Go Hand-in-hand

If you plan to self-publish your book rather than go down the traditional publishing path, you will need to give some thought to marketing. Without it, your prospective “best seller” could languish on the shelf forever. This is because your potential readers can’t find it.
Of course, there are many writers who loath the thought of having to put on this extra hat because, let’s face it, it’s time consuming and depending on where you advertise, it can be expensive.
Having said that, if you’re willing to set aside a bit of time, you’ll find that there is advertising available out there to suit most budgets.
Many of them are listed on the following link:-
You'll find that it’s a long list and some of the sites, perhaps all, may be unfamiliar to you so I’m going to list below, the sites that I have used and can recommend:-
Bargain Booksy
Free Booksy
eBook Bargains UK
EReader News Today
Free Kindle Books & Tips
Fussy Librarian
Kindle Book Review
Kindle Nation Daily

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