13 May 2012

KDP SELECT - Have you tried it?

There are differing opinions about Amazon’s KDP Select program.  Some authors report a boost in sales after their free promotional days while others don’t experience the same success.  Whether this is to do with genre or the days of the week one chooses for their promotions, it’s hard to say.

Even so, during your 5 free days you will see your book move up the Amazon ranking making it more visible to readers.  And, in my experience, it doesn’t slip back to pre-KDP Select days.  Not yet anyway.

For many authors, however, the exclusivity clause is a deterrent in joining the program.  This clause means you agree to make your book solely available for sale through Amazon.  And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, taking your book down from other sales sites can’t be accomplished overnight.  It can take weeks with a lot of persistence on your part.

So, is it worth the trouble you have to go to?  I think it depends on how well your book is selling elsewhere.  If you’re happy with your sales then why change.  However, if your sales have been less than pleasing for some time, I’d say you have nothing to lose by giving it a try for 90 days.  At least then you can make a comparison.

For myself, (in my first 90 days) I’ve been more than pleased.  Sales are steady each day and my Amazon ranking is much improved.  Whether this trend will continue remains to be seen.  I’m experimenting!

What is your KDP Select experience?


  1. I've tried it and have posted two blogs about my experience. You can find them on my website at www.jameswlewis.com. KDP Select has changed since its inception in December. The good times aren't as good anymore.

    1. Thanks for commenting, James. I read your posts with interest. It's good to hear other peoples experiences in this program and how the program has changed since its inception. And I agree, some books are more suited to it than others. Good luck in the future.