17 November 2012


Whisper On The Wind
by Elizabeth Elgin
If you enjoy reading books about life in England during the Second World War then don’t go past Elizabeth Elgin’s, Whisper On The Wind.

It’s the story about, Kath Allen, a girl from Birmingham who joins the Land Army and is sent to work on a farm in Yorkshire.  There she meets Roz Fairchild, the heir to Ridings, a once grand country estate. Together Kath and Roz cope with life as it was in time of war, toiling on the land, coping with rationing, falling in love, and experiencing sorrow.

In this wonderful story, you will be whisked back in time to the Yorkshire countryside.  To the fragrance of honeysuckle, the sound of Lancaster bombers return to Pendlesbury air field in the crisp morning air, and you will also discover the mystery surrounding the Fairchilds.

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  1. I have always enjoyed reading books about WWII and this sound like an interesting one. Will check it out.