1 January 2013


Happy New Year!

Yet another New Year’s has gone by without my making a New Year’s resolution.  If I did, on this particular occasion, it should be to complete my edits of Once Upon A Lie instead of dragging my heels in the sand.  
Of course, when I think about it, there are many resolutions I could make.  That is, all the things I procrastinate about on a daily basis.  One of those would be to think of new and interesting things to blog about on a weekly basis.  Posts that are helpful to aspiring writers and interesting to readers.  I will give that some extra thought in 2013. 
So, does that mean that I have made a new year’s resolution?

Have you made one?  If so, let us know what it is.

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  1. Too late! I've already broken all the resolutions I thought about the last week of Dec. The only one I ever kept was the year I decided to publish my memoir and posted that intent on Facebook on Jan 1. I'm still wondering if I should have kept that one. ;) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. I'm sure you should have, Anna. Confessions of a Crazy Fox is a great book! Happy New Year to you too.