30 December 2012



The year started out quietly with Fergus beginning 2012 in his favourite place.  Atop the keys.  Ready for work!

Mozart preferred to dream about the year ahead.  The fine cuisine he would be served, his morning stroll in the garden, the shadows on the walls he would spend time chasing, not to mention all those wonderful places he would find to curl up in and sleep.

 I decided to follow Mozart's lead.  That is, to contemplate and plan the next 12 months, Oh, yes, and write Chapter 13 of Once Upon A LieI thought Fiji, in the South Pacific, would be the best place to do this.


'The best laid plans...' as they say.
I thought about it and just contemplated.

Back to the real world and walks on foggy winter mornings.

Obviously being observed by this early morning riser.

By May I thought a bit of research for Once Upon A Lie wouldn't go amiss, so I took myself off to the sparkling waters of Sydney Harbour to look, specifically, at yachts.

Strangely enough, this led me to New Zealand.  I'm not sure why, but I enjoyed it, and wrote Chapter 26.

At least, I did after I got to the other side of this wiggly bridge.  Whose idea was this, anyway?  I suspect, the person behind that camera!

More scenery!  Chapter 29 will have to wait.

And here we are, already, at the end of 2012.
Fergus is in the IN box waiting for the next chapter.  And Mozart and me?  Well, we're contemplating and planning 2013!


  1. Great photos! What wonderful places to inspire a writer, it's no wonder you write such interesting books Jill. Hope you and Fergus have a great and very productive 2013!

  2. Love this blog, Jill. The writer resources advertised here are also quite helpful. Have a Happy and Prolific New Year! :)

  3. Thank you, Jimmy, for your kind comment, best wishes, and feedback. Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

  4. I must say that you have gorgeous cats! Are they related? They look like they're twins!

    1. They aren't related Anne, but they are British Shorthairs. Otherwise known as British Blues. They do have very different personalities though. You can see Mozart's in my post called
      Mozart's Christmas Greeting (video).
      Thank you for following, Anne.