15 December 2012


by JoJo Moyes

The Girl You Left Behind is set in two eras.  1917 during WWI and the present day.  It tells the story of Sophie Lefevre, the wife of Edouard, a French artist, and Liv Halston, the widow of a prominent architect whose untimely death has brought her life to a stand-still.  The two women are linked through time by a painting.  Edouard’s portrait of Sophie.
When Edouard goes to fight at the Front,  Sophie leaves Paris and returns to her village, taking the portrait with her.  When her village is occupied by German troops, and the new Kommandant becomes obsessed with the painting, Sophie finds herself risking her reputation and her life.
Almost a century later, and shortly before his death, David Halston gives Sophie’s portrait to his wife Liv.  In her grief, it becomes Liv's life line.
Thought provoking and compelling, The Girl You Left Behind is a great read.  Sophie Lefevre’s character, is particularly poignant. I became so immersed in her story in 1917 that it took me a few pages to adjust myself to Part 2 and the present day.  I need not have worried, however, because I, again, became captivated as the story unravelled.
This is the second JoJo Moyes book I’ve read, the first being Ship of Brides.  Another excellent read.


  1. An excellent review of what sounds like a very interesting read.

  2. Thanks, Anna. It was quite a gripping read, especially part 1.