12 February 2013


by Ann Granger

I came across this book by chance and I’m so glad that I did because I love cozy mysteries.  And that is just what this book, by Sarah Granger, is.  A Victorian murder mystery, set in London in the last part of the 19th Century.  It’s part of a new series with Detective Inspector Ben Ross as its main character along with his wife Lizzie Ross and their maid Bessie.  With all the hallmarks of Victorian times, it will sweep you into the past complete with hansom cabs, country houses, not to mention London’s fog hanging over the river Thames, and steam trains at Waterloo Station.
As Inspector Ben Ross of Scotland Yard makes his way home across Waterloo Bridge, one damp foggy night, he is all too aware that ‘the River Wraith’ who has been terrorising young women on such nights, might strike again.  And it happened.  By the time the fog has lifted, Allegra Benedict, the young Italian wife of an art dealer has been strangled in Green Park.  The reason for her death takes not only Inspector Ross on a journey of discovery, but his wife Lizzie and their maid, Bessie, as well.
A most enjoyable read if you like cozy mysteries.


  1. A good review Jill...sounds like my kind of murder mystery also, one that does involve suspense and lots of intricate details that keep you guessing... but not a lot of blood and gore and torture that makes you want to close a book and look for one less painful.

  2. Thanks, Anna. Mmm. I don't like the blood and gore either. Just suspense and to be kept guessing to the very end.