6 May 2013


Whether you're planning to create your own book cover, or employing a cover design service to do it for you, give some thought as to what you want your cover to look like overall.  This includes colour, font/size, and the position of the title in relation to your name.
Remember, your book’s cover is yet another shop window that will help draw readers, so it must be eye catching in every respect.
To find a cover design service all you need do is a Google search and you will be overwhelmed.  Plan to spend some time on your choice.  Most sites will have a gallery of their work, and the all important price list.

In the meantime, you might like to take a look at these sites.  Please note that I have not used any of these myself.




The International Standard Book Number (ISBN), is a number that uniquely identifies your book.  This can be purchased from your country’s national ISBN registration agency.

For example:-
United States - RR Bowker
Australia - Thorpe-Bowker

Please note that if you publish your book in paperback format as well as in eBook format, they will each need their own ISBN numbers.  And for the paperback edition you might also consider having that ISBN attached to a barcode.

If publishing your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon), it is not necessary to have an ISBN number as Amazon assign ASIN#’s to all their eBooks for identification.  However, if you do choose to have an ISBN as well, this number can be entered during the publishing process.

If publishing on Smashwords, you have the choice of obtaining a free ISBN from Smashwords or providing your own.  However, if you use a Smashwords free ISBN, Smashwords will appear as your publisher rather than yourself.

PART 1:  Self Publishing an eBook - Part 1 - Formatting your manuscript

PART 2: Self Publishing an eBook - Part 2 -Writing a Catchy Blurb

Any questions?

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  1. Anyone wanting to publish an eBook should easily be able to do it if they read all three sections you wrote on "how to do it" Jill. Very precise and detailed!

    I think choosing a cover for your book is the most fun part of publishing and also very important. Trying to decide on a visual that will entice a reader to open it does take thought and care because it's usually the first thing they are going to "notice" about any book.

  2. Of course, you're right, Anna. The cover is the first thing we see - then the blurb. Then we decide if the book is for us.