13 May 2013

SELF PUBLISHING AN EBOOK - PART 4 - Choosing where to publish your eBook

Now that you have your manuscript formatted for an eBook, a catchy book blurb prepared, and a fantastic cover created, you're ready to publish your eBook.  But where can you do that?

For the purpose of this post, I'll list just a few that come to mind.  

KDP Select enrolment (See KDP)

I’ll talk about the ones I have had experience with, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which is the eBook publishing arm of Amazon, KDP Select, also with Amazon, and Smashwords.

Kindle Direct Publishing KDP
If you choose to publish your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing, it will be available for sale on Amazon in Kindle format.  In so doing you are allowed to publish your eBook on other retail outlets such as Smashwords, Google, Google Play etc.

Kindle Direct Publising and KDP Select
If you choose to publish on both Kindle Direct Publishing and also enroll it in the KDP Select program, your book will be available on Amazon in Kindle format but must be exclusively sold on Amazon.  In other words, it cannot be sold through any other retail outlet such as Smashwords.

If you choose Smashwords, you have the opportunity for your eBook to be available for sale not only on Smashwords but also through the retail outlets that Smashwords distribute to.  These include:-

Barnes Noble
Baker & Taylor

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Any questions?

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  1. Jill, you have self-publishing down to an art form and it's so generous of you to take the time to write detailed instructions for other authors to follow.

    I'm quite sure there are a lot of folks out there who really appreciate your generosity...I do!

    1. Thanks, Anna. I hope these posts are of help to someone. I believe it's good to share knowledge rather than falling into the trap of thinking that because I know something, everyone else does.