3 June 2013

SELF PUBLISHING AN EBOOK - PART 6 - Marketing your eBook

Let’s face it, one could write a book on the subject of marketing so, for the purpose of this blog post what I thought I’d do is touch on a few things that will point you in the right direction if you’re unsure where to start, and if you have done some marketing then perhaps you will find a few new ideas to try.

To sell your book it has to be visible to your audience and there are many ways you can achieve this.  Social media, giving talks, advertising in your local newspaper, press releases, book signings etc.

Social Media Sites
Here you can join the Author Program and display your book(s).  You can also conduct Giveaways, and advertising campaigns.
There are also many forums where you will meet other authors and readers.

Where you can meet a supportive writing community.

Here too you can create an Author Page.
Another place to meet like minded people and your readers.

Create a blog - Blogger - or - Wordpress
You might also like to check out this website, Build Your Own Blog
where users can get step by step instructions for setting up their blog as well as guidelines, tools on writing posts and much more.

Join sites such as the World Literary Cafe, Author Marketing Club, Book Goodies, where you will find programs to advertise.

Join these sites and enter your profile and book details
Book Goodies

If your eBook is published on Amazon you can join Author Central and create a page, inserting your biography and book cover/blurb.  You can also link this page to your blog and twitter account.

Email Signature
Create a signature for your email that displays your blog link and also your Author Central link.

We all have our individual comfort levels, particularly when it comes to something like marketing.  Some of us like blogging, some feel comfortable speaking to groups, doing book signings, and so on.  So it’s important to find your own niche.

Marketing is a long journey so try not to be in too much of a hurry - it took ages to build Rome!  And there's a plus on the way because you'll meet some wonderful people.

Any questions?

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  1. Jill, this series was all great advice on how to publish an eBook. Yes, marketing is a challenge, but necessary these days whether you have a publisher or publish you own book. You pretty well cover all the social media outlets here.

    Of course, getting and giving good reviews helps also. :)

    1. So true, Anna. Reviews are also part of this game, and let's not forget our readers. Where would we be without them?

  2. I've worked with some Marketing Manager who were unable to deviate beyond their test plan or spent their entire work day updating test plans that no one ever used

  3. Thanks for some other informative blog. Sometimes you will get more value from your hard efforts by giving your eBook away. Perhaps you could use it as an incentive for website visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and build up your mailing list or to get leads for other products and services or even to gain credibility and to expand your reach as an author and expert. Such a very useful article. Thank you.

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