22 June 2013

WRITING BOOKS - Where do I start?

That's a good question.  Where do you start?  At the beginning?  Not necessarily.
You might like to figure out what happens at the end of your book first, particularly if you're writing a murder mystery.  It always helps to know who the killer is because you'll be able to make sure your readers don't solve the puzzle before the end.  

Then again, you might opt to start at the beginning and write with no plan in mind, that way you can be surprised at outcome, along with your readers.

Whatever way you choose be it to outline your story, write by the seat of your pants or write the end first, you do need the following framework before you start:-

  • A compelling main character who your readers care about
  • Your main characters goal and who is stopping him/her from reaching that goal
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

So, ask yourself

  • Who is my main character
  • What is his/her goal
  • Who is stopping his/her goal from being achieved
  • How is you main character going to overcome this
Once you have answered these questions, you will have your basic plot that you can expand on.

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  1. I agree Jill...creating an interesting cast of characters that grab a reader's attention is the main ingredient in a good story no matter what genre it is. Finding the inspiration as to where to begin the story is the difficult part for me.

  2. Personally,I like to know the end, Anna. At least in my minds eye.