8 September 2013


by Phillipa Gregory

If you enjoy historical novels about English history, then I would recommend The Red Queen.  Set in the 15th century, it tells the story of the War of the Roses from the viewpoint of the House of Lancaster and in so doing, follows the life of Margaret Beaufort, a descendant of King Edward III.

Outwardly pious, and at the same time ruthless in her plotting to overthrow the Crown, Margaret believes she is destined by God to see her son, Henry Tudor, on the throne of England.

It’s not often that I’ve read a book with a main character who is as scheming and contemptible as Margaret Beaufort.  Although, it’s one of the things that kept me turning the page.

As with all the books I’ve read by Phillipa Gregory, this one did not disappoint, and what an excellent and enjoyable way to learn more about English history.


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    1. Thank you, Minolta. It's great to meet you.