11 October 2013


The Lady of the Rivers
by Phillipa Gregory

The Lady of the Rivers is part of Phillipa Gregory’s, The Cousins’ War, series.  Set in France and England during the reign of King Henry VI, it follows the life of Jacquetta of Luxembourg who is part of a family endowed with the ability to foresee the future, and descendents of the river goddess, Melusina.

As with The Red Queen, The Lady of the Rivers tells the story of the War of the Roses, but from the perspective of Jacquetta who, at the tender age of 17, finds herself married to the Duke of Bedford, a man twice her age.  The Duke encourages Jacquetta in her occult abilities to foresee his military fate.

With a mixture of historical facts and fiction, Phillipa Gregory has woven a fascinating tale using both real and imaginary characters, providing a window in to their lives in a time of treachery, betrayal and war.

For me, The Lady of the Rivers was a page turner as I became captivated by Jacquetta’s life.  Some interesting points it has sparked for me are, the illness suffered by King Henry VI, the history of the castle of Calais, the Queen, Margaret of Anjou, and a wish to read about Jacquetta’s daughter, Elizabeth.

The Cousins' War series encompasses the following books:-
The White Queen
The Red Queen
The Lady of the Rivers
The Kingmaker’s Daughter
The White Princess
The Last Rose

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