13 January 2014


by Margaret Leroy

Set in 1937-38, The English Girl is the story of Stella Whittaker, who travels to Vienna to further her music studies at the Academy of Vienna.  17 years old and thriving in her new life in such a beautiful city, it’s not long before she falls in love with a young Jewish doctor.  When, however, it becomes apparent that this idyllic existence is threatened, Stella struggles to accept what she knows in her heart.
In such a turbulent time in our history, Margaret Leroy set out to provide the reader with an exciting story full of twists and turns as well as a sense of foreboding throughout, and she did not disappoint.  All the elements of the plot come together with great success.  The characters are well developed and appear real, and the settings are brought to life with Ms Leroy’s gift of lacing description throughout.
As with her previous books, The Collaborator and The Soldiers Wife, Margaret Leroy has given us, yet again, a window into the lives of those people who lived through one of the world’s most turbulent times, WWII.
Definitely a page turner that will be enjoyed by many readers.


  1. This sounds like a very interesting novel Jill. I will check it out. Story's of WWII are among my favorites because I can recall those turbulent times and remember a lot of the scary stories I read as they happened. Good review!

    1. This is the third Margaret Leroy novel I've read, Anna, and I've enjoyed them all. I like stories in the WWII era too.