28 June 2016

Kindle Countdown Deal - July 1st

Sydney’s Observatory on a balmy summer evening is the perfect venue for a cocktail party and, it would seem, a murder, for Peter Van Goren’s body is discovered bludgeoned to death in the grounds.  The first question Detective Chief Inspector Fitzjohn must answer is why Van Goren was present given his name does not appear on the guest list.  The second is, what was the subject of Van Goren’s vehement argument with Richard Carmichael, one of the function’s hosts.
Meanwhile, Richard’s son, Ben Carmichael, a photojournalist, returns to Sydney from an overseas assignment to find his fiancĂ©e, Emma Phillips, has gone missing.  Although unavoidably dragged into the police investigation, Ben goes in search of her.  In so doing, he is drawn to Lane’s End, the abandoned family estate where the very atmosphere awakens disturbing memories.
Through a maze of twisted stories, Fitzjohn follows a winding path to solve his case, but he is not prepared for the spiralling perplexity his quest creates.

17 June 2016

June 24th - Fitzjohn Mystery Sale


It was an accepted fact that Beatrice Maybrick, owner and operator of the Maybrick Literary Agency, accidentally fell to her death. Or did she? Esme Timmons thought not, her suspicions fuelled by a letter she received from Beatrice following the tragic incident. Faced with this dilemma, Esme takes steps to find the killer.
Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn commences his investigation into the suspicious death of entrepreneur, Preston Alexander. With robbery ruled out as the motive, Fitzjohn is drawn to Preston’s investment portfolio and the Maybrick Literary Agency.
 Finding an antiquated establishment where uncertainty prevails following the demise of its owner, Beatrice Maybrick, Fitzjohn asks himself two questions. Why did the high flying investor, Preston Alexander, invest in such a business, and did it lead to his death?

23 April 2016

The Fitzjohn Mystery Series

Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn, famed detective in the Fitzjohn Mystery Series, is coming up in the world. He now has his very own website!
 Drop by and check it out at  http://www.jillpatersonfitzjohnmysteries.com


14 April 2016

HBS Mystery Reader's Circle: Mystery Picks of the Day – April 14, 2016

HBS Mystery Reader's Circle: Mystery Picks of the Day – April 14, 2016: Today the HBS Mystery Reader’s Circle features our Mystery Novels Picks of the Day. These are some of the BEST DEALS from outstanding Myster...

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11 March 2016

Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors by David Gaughran

If you have published an eBook on Amazon and your book has a Table of Contents, you may wish to read the following article by David Gaughran

Amazon is an extremely innovative company – and usually quite responsive to self-publisher’s concerns – but sometimes it gets things very wrong too.
Today is one of those times.
I’ve received several reports from writers threatened with having books removed from sale, and heard even more worrying stories from others who had their titles actually removed from the Kindle Store without notice.
To read more of David Gaughran's article, click here

6 January 2016

A Jonathon Stone Mystery 6 Pack

Mystery Writer James Moushon again brings to life Jonathon Stone, an undercover CIA agent assigned to the off the books CIA division – DOT.

Jonathon Stone, a CIA Agent-At-Large, continues his adventures in a 6-pack of ops loaded with mystery and espionage.
As usual, Stone is right in the middle of the action. As the mysteries unfold, Stone uses his wealth of knowledge and keen analytical mind to complete his dangerous assignments, while at the same time battling his love for gambling and drinking and the ladies.
Mystery Writer James Moushon again brings to life Jonathon Stone, an undercover CIA agent assigned to the off the books CIA division – DOT.
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19 December 2015

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