6 January 2016

A Jonathon Stone Mystery 6 Pack

Mystery Writer James Moushon again brings to life Jonathon Stone, an undercover CIA agent assigned to the off the books CIA division – DOT.

Jonathon Stone, a CIA Agent-At-Large, continues his adventures in a 6-pack of ops loaded with mystery and espionage.
As usual, Stone is right in the middle of the action. As the mysteries unfold, Stone uses his wealth of knowledge and keen analytical mind to complete his dangerous assignments, while at the same time battling his love for gambling and drinking and the ladies.
Mystery Writer James Moushon again brings to life Jonathon Stone, an undercover CIA agent assigned to the off the books CIA division – DOT.
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19 December 2015

Free Kindle Books & Tips

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12 December 2015

Self Publishing and Marketing Go Hand-in-hand

If you plan to self-publish your book rather than go down the traditional publishing path, you will need to give some thought to marketing. Without it, your prospective “best seller” could languish on the shelf forever. This is because your potential readers can’t find it.
Of course, there are many writers who loath the thought of having to put on this extra hat because, let’s face it, it’s time consuming and depending on where you advertise, it can be expensive.
Having said that, if you’re willing to set aside a bit of time, you’ll find that there is advertising available out there to suit most budgets.
Many of them are listed on the following link:-
You'll find that it’s a long list and some of the sites, perhaps all, may be unfamiliar to you so I’m going to list below, the sites that I have used and can recommend:-
Bargain Booksy
Free Booksy
eBook Bargains UK
EReader News Today
Free Kindle Books & Tips
Fussy Librarian
Kindle Book Review
Kindle Nation Daily

2 December 2015


Deadly Investment (Book #5 A Fitzjohn Mystery)
It was an accepted fact that Beatrice Maybrick, owner and operator of the Maybrick Literary Agency, accidentally fell to her death. Or did she? Esme Timmons thought not, her suspicions fuelled by a letter she received from Beatrice following the tragic incident. Faced with this dilemma, Esme takes steps to find the killer.

Meanwhile, Detective Chief Inspector Alistair Fitzjohn commences his investigation into the suspicious death of entrepreneur, Preston Alexander. With robbery ruled out as the motive, Fitzjohn is drawn to Preston’s investment portfolio and the Maybrick Literary Agency.

Finding an antiquated establishment where uncertainty prevails following the demise of its owner, Beatrice Maybrick, Fitzjohn asks himself two questions. Why did the high flying investor, Preston Alexander, invest in such a business, and did it lead to his death?


23 October 2015

Cataloguing-in-Publication CIP

Cataloguing-in-Publication is a free service for publishers and self-publishers to include their title information into the Catalogue-in-Publication programme. The record is added to the national bibliography where it can alert libraries and booksellers to the publication’s forthcoming release.
On application, the following information is needed:-

Project’s date of publication

When your application is accepted, you will receive a copy of your CIP entry which you can include on the publication details page of your ebook/printed book.

Please consult your particular country’s national library for CIP information on how to apply.

Australian National Library

United States
Library of Congress

United Kingdom
The British Library

Library and Archives Canada

New Zealand
National Library of New Zealand

Please also note that although the CIP programme is not mandatory, the Legal Deposit of your printed publication is a legal requirement.