30 September 2012


by Robert Goddard

If you enjoy a good mystery then you need look no further than Robert Goddard’s, Blood Count.  As with all Goddard’s books, it’s filled to the brim with mystery and mayhem, taking the reader on an edge of the seat ride.

Set in London, The Hague, Italy, Switzerland and Belgrade, Blood Count is the story of Edward Hammond, a surgeon, who 13 years earlier, received a huge sum of money for secretly performing a life saving operation on a Serbian gangster by the name of Dragan Gazi.  Little did Edward know what consequences his actions would eventually wreak on his life. 

Ripped from his comfortable life in London he is hurled into a world of murder and corruption.  Who can he trust?,

I’ve reader almost all Robert Goddard’s books and this one does not disappoint.


  1. This sounds like a thriller Jill...nothing a mystery reader likes more than a ride on the edge of a seat.

    1. I've found all Robert Goddards books good, Anna. There is always something to learn to the second to last page. How clever is that?