28 October 2011


After publishing Murder At The Rocks in both eBook and paperback formats, I found I wanted to make some changes.  The thought was rather daunting in case I destroyed what I’d originally published, but because I can’t stop myself once I have a bee in my bonnet, I went ahead, into the abyss!  I should add that I was helped along by a friend on Goodreads as well as KDPs support team.

I had published through Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing KDP, and Createspace.  I decided to start with updating my Smashwords eBook first.

I found making changes to my Smashwords version the least complicated.

1. Make and save changes to your file, and go into your Smashwords Dashboard.
2. Under Operations, click on ‘Upload New Version’.
3. Under Select File, press the ‘Up-load button’.
4. Return to your Dashboard.
5. You will see that under the heading ‘Premium Status’ it will now say ‘Pending’.  This will remain so for approximately 24 hours until your updated version has been approved.

Kindle Direct Publishing KDP
Making changes to my KDP version was a little more difficult, but only because I wasn’t aware that, depending on what kind of file you originally loaded, the process for updating is different.  In my case I had originally uploaded a MOBI file.

MOBI file
1. Make the changes to your original file, and save it as Web Page, Filtered (*Htm & Html).
2. Open MobiCreator.
3. Select “HTML Document” from Import from an Existing File
4. Press “Import”
5. Select “Build”
6. On the Build page click ‘Build”.
7. Once completed you should see the message “Build Finished”.
8. You will find the file in your ‘My Documents\My Publications’ folder.  It is supposed to have a PRC (or prc) extension, although, mine said Kindle Content.

You can now upload this updated file to KDP as you did your original.

HTML or Word docs
1. Sign in to KDP
2. To the right of your ‘Bookshelp’ screen click the Actions drop down menu.
3. Choose ‘Edit Book Details’
4. The details of the book you published will come up.
5. Scroll down to Preview Book
6. You will see your book as it is in your KDP account and the ‘Download HTML link should be at the top of the Preview screen.  Click on this to download the content and make your changes before resubmitting it.

*I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Kindle system updates from the CLOUD so that anyone who has bought your eBook previous to the update will automatically receive the updated edition.

As you know, the paperback format is a PDF file so you need to make the changes to your original PDF file and then upload it onto Createspace.  It will automatically replace your original.  There will be a down-time for this updated version of your book until you have approved the new proof.  In my case this only took a week.

What are your experiences with updating your book(s)?


  1. Halloween Hopping through! Thanks for posting your experiences with updating the various pub versions. I am going to be indie publishing my debut novel early next year and am trying to soak up as much information as I can about the entire process.

    My favorite scary novel is The Haunting of Hill House & I'm not wearing a costume this Halloween.


  2. Dropping by for the Halloween hop :-)

    My favourite scary movie or book...erm well i'm not really a fan of anything scary as well to be honest lol! A total wimp!
    This year i won't be dressing up until next month when i go and visit my sister in Scotland. Not a clue what i'm going to wear yet...lol.

    New follower here :-)


  3. Hi Aniko and thanks for your comment. I hope that this Post and my others on self publishing help you when you publish 'The Haunting of Hill House' next year.

  4. Hi TToria, Thanks for coming by on the Halloween Hop, and for following. I've been to Edinburgh in Scotland and loved it. Have a great holiday.

  5. I admit, that sounds so scary - I'm glad you worked it out perfectly!

  6. wow, i didnt know u could change stuff after it was published... thats great, bc i get that bee in the bonnet too if somethings not right! lol

  7. Hi Jeremy, I hope this info is helpful if you ever need to make some changes. I think your blog hop went well.